JSX airline starts providing SpaceX Starlink internet to passengers aboard a Jet

JSX airline starts providing SpaceX Starlink internet to passengers aboard a Jet

JSX, a charter airline that offers private point-to-point flights, became one of the first airlines to use SpaceX Starlink Internet during flights. “JSX is proud to be the first air carrier to adopt SpaceX Starlink internet inflight, free for every Customer onboard. We’d call it the best Wi-Fi in the sky, but it’s actually the greatest Wi-Fi in the galaxy,” said JSX representatives. 

The JSX airline started providing Starlink internet to passengers aboard a jet that is equipped with SpaceX's newest Starlink user terminal designed for aircraft. It is a flat square-shape antenna that was installed on top of the jets exterior. "Starlink started providing high-speed, low-latency internet to passengers during flights on the first JSX jet this week!" shared SpaceX on December 8. "Starlink will be installed on additional JSX jets in the weeks ahead; so as soon as you walk on your flight, the internet works," the company said. 

JSX currently provides non-stop flights between airports located in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and New York. The private airline operates Embraer ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 aircraft, capable of transporting 30 to 50 passengers. JSX CEO Alex Wilcox shared the company plans to equip 100 airplanes with Starlink antennas to receive internet from the satellites in Low Earth Orbit. To date, SpaceX operates approximately 3,200 Starlink satellites. 

"Starlink can deliver up to 350 Mbps to each plane, enabling all passengers to access streaming-capable internet at the same time. With latency as low as 20 ms [milliseconds], passengers can engage in activities previously not functional in flight, including video calls, online gaming, virtual private networks and other high data rate activities," according to SpaceX's website. The flat Starlink antenna is referred to as 'Aero Terminal', which "features an electronically steered phased array antenna, which enables new levels of reliability, redundancy and performance." The system is capable of providing high-speed internet service at any altitude. The Starlink Aero Terminal kit costs $150,000 USD, it includes an Aero Terminal, power supply, 2 wireless access points, and harnesses. The internet subscription ranges from $12,500 to $25,000 per month, depending on the aviation company's needs.




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