SpaceX reduces Starlink price in multiple countries to reflect parity in local economy

SpaceX reduces Starlink price in multiple countries to reflect parity in local economy

SpaceX reduced Starlink price in multiple countries to reflect parity in the local economy. “Starlink is now available in Norway! Additionally, to better reflect parity in purchasing power across our customers, we’ve adjusted prices in most countries service is currently in,” the company announced on Saturday, August 27.

Starlink satellite internet is now available in 40 countries, including: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Chile, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic,  Sweden, Mexico, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, France, Latvia, Tonga, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Luxembourg, Saint Martin, St. Barthelemy, Greenland, Iceland, Estonia, and Norway. To date, SpaceX has launched 3,108 Starlink satellites that operate in Low Earth Orbit to provide Internet to over half-a-million subscribers globally. The company also provides mobile internet service to vehicles in motion, like cruise ships, airplanes, and RVs.

This week, multiple customers shared that the company reduced Starlink prices in their region. Starlink customers from Mexico, Chile, and Brazil, shared emails from the company that state details of the price reduction. In Mexico, SpaceX reduced Starlink price by almost 50%, from $2,299 pesos to $1,100 pesos; similar with the other latin american countries. “The price reduction factors in your local market conditions and is meant to reflect parity in purchasing power across our customers. No action is needed from you, the price reduction will be automatically reflected on invoices generated after 08/24/2022. Thank you for being an early customer and for your continued support of Starlink!” the email states. Customers from the United Kingdom shared Starlink reduced from £89 to £75 (pounds), in Italy price went down to €70 (euros), and Ireland down to €85. For more information visit SpaceX’s official website



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