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SpaceX launches a pair of Intelsat Galaxy satellites designed to provide service to 100 million television viewers
SpaceX launches second Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13G satellite with a flight-proven Falcon 9
Japan ispace, Inc. selects SpaceX Falcon 9 to launch its first cargo Lunar lander mission
SpaceX launches European Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13F Mission with previously-flown Falcon 9
SpaceX reuses Falcon 9 rocket a 14th time to deploy two Intelsat Galaxy satellites
SpaceX is now delivering about twice as much payload to orbit as the rest of the world combined, says Elon Musk
Spaceflight Inc. Sherpa-LTC orbital transfer vehicle will hitch-a-ride aboard SpaceX’s upcoming Starlink mission –Watch It Live!
AST SpaceMobile's first cellular broadband network satellite will launch atop SpaceX's Falcon 9
SpaceX aims to double the amount of annual rocket launches in 2023 –'Aiming for up to 100 flights,' says Elon Musk
NASA awards SpaceX $1.4 billion for five additional Crew Dragon Astronaut flights to the Space Station

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