Tesla and SpaceX News

Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3 Is Highest Quality Vehicle on Chinese Market with Least Complaints, Research Shows
Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3 SR+ Is Now Exempt from Purchase Tax in China
Tesla Model 3 with LFP Batteries Get a Big Boost in Charging Speed via OTA Update
Tesla Model 3 Performance from Giga Shanghai Now Comes with Hot 19” Zero-G Wheels
Tesla Giga Shanghai Made Model 3 Ranked #9 Best Selling Midsize Sedan in China
Tesla Giga Shanghai Model 3 Smashed Competitors in Nov, Surpassing the Combined Sales of NIO XPEV LI BYD EV Models
Tesla MIC Model 3 From Giga Shanghai Has Arrived in Europe, A Win-Win for Eager Customers & Company's Ongoing Growth
Tesla Giga Shanghai Could Supply Model 3 SR+ to European Market with Higher Profit Margin
Tesla Sets Up for Record Q4 & 500K Annual Deliveries, as Giga Shanghai Continues to Ramp Up Production
Tesla Giga Shanghai Demonstrates Next Level Production Ramping to Fulfill China Domestic & European Demand

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