Tesla and SpaceX News

Malaysia's Prime Minister grants Tesla and Starlink 100% foreign ownership rights, citing the benefits to the nation.
SpaceX Is Offering A Discount On The 'Starlink High Performance' Antenna
SpaceX files FCC request to add T-Mobile hardware to 2,016 Starlink satellites to beam service directly to smartphones
JSX airline starts providing SpaceX Starlink internet to passengers aboard a Jet
SpaceX Starlink Internet supports 100 hours of Fortnite gaming & 50 hours of livestreaming during an Epic Games event at a Spain Castle
The National Science Foundation COLDEX researchers are using SpaceX Starlink Internet In Antarctica
Vocus signs an agreement with SpaceX to distribute Starlink in Australia for Enterprise & Government customers
SpaceX acquires Swarm Technologies for 'Internet-of-Things devices' & adds the service to Starlink website menu
SpaceX Releases ‘Starshield’ Satellite Services Designed For Government Use To Support National Security
SpaceX Receives FCC Authorization To Launch 7,500 Next-Generation Starlink Satellites

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