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Tesla Adds More V4 Superchargers in US, Now in Nevada

Tesla Adds More V4 Superchargers in US, Now in Nevada

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Tesla continues to add more V4 Supercharger locations in the US. A new charging station, which will become the second known in the country, has been spotted in Sparks, Nevada.

Tesla is busy rolling out the V4 Supercharger in Europe, expanding charging options for local EV enthusiasts. Until now, the company has been slow to roll them out in the US, but that has recently changed. In late August, a new charging station was spotted in Wilsonville, Oregon. The V4 Superchargers at its location were confirmed in September and it became the first known location in the US.

Very soon after this great news, another V4 Supercharger site was spotted being installed in the country. @anaganicp/X noticed new piles in Sparks, Nevada. According to comments on the post, Tesla has renovated an existing charging station at McCarran/Lincoln Way behind Raising Caines. In the same way, the company converted its Supercharger station near Giga Berlin, in Europe. Tesla is expected to both build new locations and refurbish some old ones to increase the number of V4 Superchargers in the US and later throughout North America.

V4 Superchargers should be available for all electric vehicles. With this in mind, they have a special design, with a longer charging cable. This will ensure the charger reaches the vehicle's charging port no matter where it is located on the vehicle. Additionally, some V4 Superchargers in Europe are equipped with a card reader for card payments. This is convenient for those users who do not want to install and use the Tesla app. In this way, Tesla ensures the versatility and convenience of its charging stations for all users, enhancing their experience.

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