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Tesla Allowed to Sell Good Quality Model Ys Produced at Giga Berlin as Part of Testing

Tesla Allowed to Sell Good Quality Model Ys Produced at Giga Berlin as Part of Testing

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Tesla received permission from the relevant German state environmental agency to sell usable Model Ys produced before the launch of Giga Berlin as part of systems tests. This step should help avoid disposal, which is unnecessary and will only cause additional harm to the environment.

Tesla is allowed to sell vehicles that were produced during factory testing at Giga Berlin until they are officially cleared to start operations. The Brandenburg State Environment Office, which is the body responsible for these matters, confirmed this information to rbb24 upon request.

Before Tesla received permission to manufacture at Giga Berlin, it was allowed to produce 2,250 vehicles to test its manufacturing processes. These cars could not be sold to buyers. First, permission was given for the production of 250 units. In January 2022, permission was obtained for the production of another 2,000 vehicles.

In early June, Tesla sent a letter to the state environmental agency, in which it explained that some of the cars produced at that time were of good quality and quite suitable for sale to customers. Resources were wasted on their production, and it would be very unwise and harmful for the environment to send them for recycling instead of using them. Therefore, among other reasons, Tesla asked for permission to sell them to consumers, since their disposal does not make any reasonable sense, and it will also be redundant, as it will only pollute the environment even more.

In addition, the Giga Berlin work approval notice issued in early March made all previously granted partial permits redundant. As a result, the additional provisions were no longer in force. In addition, the test vehicles were later (after obtaining production approval) subjected to “major redesigns,” Tesla said.

Thomas Frey, a spokesman for the responsible authority, explained that “Tesla may process bodies that were built during the performance testing period and sell them if they are salable.” Frey said that with all of Tesla's explanations in the letter, “sales, cannibalization for spare parts use, and use as replacement vehicles for customers cannot be denied.”

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