Tesla & Uber Introduce Optimized Battery-Based Trip Planning

Tesla & Uber Introduce Optimized Battery-Based Trip Planning

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Tesla drivers can now connect their vehicles to the Uber app. The new feature allows Uber to schedule rides based on the driver's remaining battery. Uber drivers can take advantage of this to avoid trips that require them to stop for charging.

Tesla owners driving their electric vehicles (EVs) via Uber can now connect the Uber app to their vehicle and share their battery life in real-time, @Sofiaan/Twitter reported (via Tesla North).

The new feature allows the Uber app to assign rides to drivers based on remaining vehicle  range. After connecting the car, it shares the remaining battery range with the app. This allows drivers to receive only those trips the car can make without an additional stop for recharging.

“Say goodbye to range anxiety,” the Uber app says. “Connect your vehicle to share your battery level with Uber. Then you’ll receive trips shorter than your remaining range.”

Drivers can give Uber access to their Tesla account by enabling the Share your vehicle data toggle within the Uber app.

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