Tesla Announces that Other Manufacturers' EVs Can Now Charge at All Netherlands Superchargers via Tesla App

Tesla Announces that Other Manufacturers' EVs Can Now Charge at All Netherlands Superchargers via Tesla App

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Tesla announced that EVs from all manufacturers can now charge at all Superchargers in the Netherlands via the Tesla app. Access to the manufacturer's charging stations for non-Tesla EVs is open as part of a pilot program that is now expanding.

Tesla said on February 14 that non-Tesla EV owners can charge their electric vehicles at all Supercharger stations in the Netherlands. This was the next step in expanding the pilot program, which started in November 2021. The program currently operates in France, Norway, and the Netherlands. However, only a few Superchargers are open in the first two countries, while the Netherlands is the first country in the world where all of the manufacturer's charging stations are available for EVs from other companies.

Unlike other automakers, Tesla operates an extensive network of charging stations of its own, which previously prevented other automakers' electric vehicles from using its chargers. The network that Tesla began building in 2012 now has over 30,000 Supercharger stalls worldwide and may soon be available to non-Tesla EVs. The company's pilot program allows non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers who reside in the Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, and Belgium to charge at some Tesla Superchargers in France and Norway, and at all chargers in the Netherlands.

Tesla uses a proprietary plug that only fits Tesla vehicles, so Superchargers is only available for vehicles with a Combined Charging System (CCS). Access to charging is available only through the Tesla App. However, keep in mind that Tesla vehicles will have priority at charging stations, and will pay less than non-Tesla EV owners. The company warned that it will constantly monitor the loading of Superchargers, depending on which it will plan further actions regarding specific charging stations.

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