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Tesla Applies for Giga Berlin Expansion

Tesla Applies for Giga Berlin Expansion

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Tesla applied for the expansion of Giga Berlin in Grünheide. The factory has been operating for a little less than a year but has the plan to increase production to 1 million cars and increase its influence on the European car market.

The Tesla factory in Brandenburg opened just under a year ago, and production there is still ramping up. However, the manufacturer already has a plan for the future and has begun to implement it. The company has applied to expand the factory in Grünheide, as announced on Thursday.

Tesla wants to double its capacity to one million vehicles a year in the future, according to the State Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of Phase 1 of expansion, 500,000 vehicles per year, has not yet been achieved. According to Tesla, the first application for the expansion is primarily related to changes in the existing factory, which means it will concern already existing buildings. Further applications for partial approval will then follow, such as for possible new buildings, for example.

Tesla is not afraid of a lack of water. “We have optimized our planning and production processes so that the volumes of water previously used as the basis and stipulated in the contract are also sufficient for this expansion,” the company said in a statement. This is achieved through the complete treatment and reuse of wastewater generated during the production process. Apparently, the same process will be applied to the new Tesla factory in Mexico, where there is also a shortage of water.

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