Tesla Autopilot Is Over 9 Times Safer than Human Drivers in Cars of Other Manufacturers

Tesla Autopilot Is Over 9 Times Safer than  Human Drivers in Cars of Other Manufacturers

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Tesla cars using Autopilot are over nine times less likely to get into an accident than human drivers in other manufacturers' vehicles. In addition, Tesla cars not using Autopilot are still more than two times less likely to get into an accident as drivers in cars of other manufacturers.

After a lull over the past three quarters, Tesla is back to publishing its vehicle safety reports. This is a very important database that shows the real safety advantage of driving Tesla vehicles over other brand vehicles. The release of data for the last three quarters, including data from Q1 to Q3 of 2022, showed that the Texas-based manufacturer continues to post the best safety record for its vehicles on U.S. roads.

According to NHTSA data, car accidents occur every 652,000 miles in the U.S. Meanwhile, Tesla said its cars, on average for the three quarters of last year, are 9.16 times safer when using Autopilot. So in Q1 2022, the company registered one accident for every 6.57 million miles, in Q2 one accident for every 5.10 million miles, and in Q3 one accident for every 6.26 million miles driven.

Tesla also reported car accident data for drivers who were not using Autopilot technology. They showed that even in this case, over these three quarters, accidents involving Tesla cars occur, on average, 2.3 times less often than in cars of other brands. In Q1 2022, the manufacturer recorded one accident for every 1.21 million miles, in Q2 one accident for every 1.54 million miles, and in Q3 one accident for every 1.71 million miles driven.

Data that have been released since Q3 2018 have shown that over time, Tesla Autopilot is improving. Since the number of accidents can rise or fall at different times of the year due to weather conditions, it is best to compare data for the same period in different years to avoid seasonality bias.

Source: Tesla

Active safety features are standard on all Tesla vehicles built after September 2014, providing an additional layer of safety beyond the physical structure of the vehicle. The company uses data from all of its vehicles on the road to better understand how accidents happen. After analyzing the data, Tesla continues to develop features that help Tesla drivers mitigate or avoid accidents.

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