Tesla Broke its Own Record by Delivering 7 Ships to Australia in Q3 & 6 in August Alone

Tesla Broke its Own Record by Delivering 7 Ships to Australia in Q3 & 6 in August Alone

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Tesla broke its own record by delivering seven ships to Australia in Q3 and six in August alone. Q3 2022 promises to be quite hot, as this is not the last planned vessel for the country in this quarter.

At the end of July, the first ship in Q3 loaded with Tesla cars reached the coast of Australia. This was great news as deliveries recovered after a hiatus due to the temporary closure of Giga Shanghai, first due to the COVID-19 lockdown in China, then due to upgrades of production lines. In addition, the first Model Ys were on board the ship, which was also great news.

However, August turned out to be much more interesting and saturated with the positive of thousands of happy customers who received their Model Y and Model 3 deliveries. On August 8, a second ship with cars arrived in Port Kembla. Already on August 10, the third ship for Australia arrived in Port Kembla. The ship carried Model 3 and Model Y for the country market. On August 13, a fourth ship docked at Port Kembla, giving us confidence that the third quarter of 2022 will be amazing. But on this day, another surprise awaited Australia: the fifth ship arrived in Fremantle. On August 26, the sixth ship arrived at Port Kembla, and already on August 28, the seventh ship moored in Q3. All data on the arrival dates of the ships is provided by the Tesla ship tracker @VedaPrime/Twitter.

In itself, such a huge number of Tesla ships is extremely high for Australia, and, obviously, Q3 2022 will be a record for the company in many respects. It is not difficult to guess that Tesla will register the largest number of cars in history in one quarter, and will compete even with gasoline cars. Since Model Y deliveries have dominated, it is likely that it will claim to be one of Australia's best-selling cars in Q3. However, this is not the last Tesla-carrying ship to arrive in the country this quarter, according to Tesla ship tracker @mortenlund89/Twitter.

In addition, it should be noted that in August alone, six ships arrived in Australia, which is absolutely impressive. Delivery data for the month will be available in the first days of September, but it is not difficult to guess that their number will be stunningly large.

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