Tesla Cars Will Connect to Starlink V2, Which Will Also Transmit Directly to Mobile Phones, Eliminating Dead Zones Worldwide

Tesla Cars Will Connect to Starlink V2, Which Will Also Transmit Directly to Mobile Phones, Eliminating Dead Zones Worldwide

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Tesla vehicles will connect to Starlink V2, which will transmit directly to mobile phones, eliminating dead zones worldwide. This will make it possible to receive communication anywhere, even if there is no telephone connection there, which can save many lives.

On August 25, SpaceX and T-Mobile announced a unique partnership to provide an exclusive service. At a joint event held at Starbase, plans were presented according to which Starlink satellite Internet can be used on ordinary smartphones, while now the service is only available on a stationary basis.

The bottom line is that regardless of whether the mobile phone is in the mobile coverage area or not, the owner will still be able to make a voice call or send texts. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert stressed that users do not need to purchase any additional hardware to be able to enjoy T-Mobile's planned service. Your current mobile phone will be enough.

The new collaboration opens up really great opportunities and will literally save lives. Tesla owners will also benefit from the new service. After the presentation, Musk took a few questions on Twitter. In one of the responses, he confirmed that Tesla cars will get this feature in the future to connect directly to Starlink satellites. In another reply, he said that the service could be available with premium connectivity.

Access to mobile communications is critical. On the one hand, Tesla owners will always have access to it to make/receive a call or SMS, which greatly increases the level of comfort. Mobile coverage is far from ideal and it is very common to run into places where the signal is very poor or completely absent, especially on long trips. On the other hand, mobile communication can save lives in some situations.

Although access to the service may be offered as part of the premium connectivity package, it would be well-received if the company made access free if the car was involved in an accident. Currently, when a Tesla car gets into an accident, it is detected by the company, and a call comes to the car with a suggestion to call emergency services. It is possible that the new service will be available on all cars, regardless of whether they have additional paid connections if there is an urgent need to make an emergency call.

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