Tesla Charging Port Confirmed for Aptera Electric Vehicle

Tesla Charging Port Confirmed for Aptera Electric Vehicle

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Aptera has confirmed to its customers that it will be using the Tesla charging port in its vehicles. Tesla is opening up its unique EV charger connector design to other automakers, encouraging North American vehicles to be built with the new NACS standard.

Rumors that Aptera will use a Tesla charging port in its vehicles are not new. In December 2020, the company released a short video of a prototype of their car, where it was seen that there was installed a charging port that visually resembled a Tesla charging port. In July 2022, Aptera began lobbying the US government for Tesla charging technology to be adopted as the standard for all electric vehicle chargers in the US. However, it has not been officially confirmed that it itself will use this technology.

Now, the manufacturer has officially announced that the Tesla connector, known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), will be used in their vehicle. The company emailed reservation holders, saying it looks forward to including NACS in its electric vehicles while acknowledging the efforts of Tesla, which recently opened up the design of its charging port to use the technology for free in all automakers' electric vehicles.

“Remember when our founders started a conversation about the need for a greater emphasis on efficiency and accessibility in EV charging infrastructure? Steve and Chris launched a petition urging policymakers to implement Tesla's connector and plug (now NACS) as the standard for EV charging in the U.S. With your support, the petition continues to gain momentum.

And just four months later, Tesla announced its decision to open its connector design to the world. We are willing to bet the buzz you generated around the petition played a part in this, and we look forward to incorporating NACS in our SEVs. Thank you for challenging the status quo.”

On November 11, Tesla announced that it was opening up its unique EV charger connector design to other automakers, encouraging North American vehicles to be built with the new NACS charging standard. Tesla has the widest network of charging stations in North America and worldwide. With over 10 years of experience with their Superchargers that have 20 billion EV charging miles, Tesla has the most proven charging connector in their vehicles of any automaker. It provides charging offering AC charging and up to 1 MW DC charging in one slim package. The Tesla connector has no moving parts, is half the size of others, and is twice as powerful as Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors. Today, NACS is the most common charging standard in North America, and the number of electric vehicles with NACS outnumbers CCS by more than twice, and Tesla's Supercharging network has 60% more NACS posts than all the CCS-equipped networks combined.

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