Tesla China Clarifies Giga Shanghai Work Situation to Stop Speculation About Production Pause

Tesla China Clarifies Giga Shanghai Work Situation to Stop Speculation About Production Pause

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Tesla China has clarified the situation with Giga Shanghai in order to curb further speculation suggesting a stop of production. Some parts of the factory are undergoing maintenance while others continue to operate normally.

Recently, a number of US media outlets reported that Giga Shanghai stopped production from December 25 until January 1, 2023. Reports relied on Reuters information obtained from sources at the factory. Due to regular rumors, Tesla China had to once again clarify the situation to stop speculation.

The company responded to local media outlet Global Times on December 25, stating reports that Giga Shanghai is shutting down production in the last week of the year are not true. Tesla explained that the production line is indeed undergoing maintenance after it has been producing cars for a year. At the same time, auto parts workshops as well as the factory for Supercharger piles production will continue to operate as normal.

“The Shanghai factory still maintained efficient production and output in 2022. The vehicle production will carry out the annual production line maintenance work as planned next week, and the workers will have a rest during the production line maintenance period after one year of hard work. Workshops that produce charging piles and other auto parts have not stopped operation. It is not completely accurate to say the factory has been shut down.”

After the maintenance of the production lines is completed, Giga Shanghai will return to normal operation. Stopping production for one week will not have any significant impact on Tesla's supply, especially as Giga Berlin and Giga Texas continue to ramp up production.

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