Tesla China Hires Hundreds of Employees as Company Grows

Tesla China Hires Hundreds of Employees as Company Grows

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Tesla China is still hiring a lot of employees as the company grows. The manufacturer has hundreds of open vacancies, most of which are related to production, sales, and after-sales service.

Tesla continues on its intended path: in those departments that are too “bloated,” the staff will be reduced; in production, installations, sales, and after-sales services, the number of staff will continue to grow. After the announcement of this plan, the company began its implementation and is now optimizing the work of those departments, the work of which, at the moment, does not make an important contribution to the development of the company. It should be kept in mind that a decrease in the number of employees of a department does not mean at all that Tesla has ceased to care about the work of that department. This is just an indication that these departments had too many employees when they really did not need them. Despite staff cuts, their work continues as before.

Meanwhile, Tesla continues to actively recruit employees for its growing factories. According to an analysis of the Tesla website as well as hiring marketplaces by Chinese media outlet Yicai, Tesla is still hiring in China. It is worth noting that the positions are mainly related to production, sales, and after-sales service, which is logical as the company continues to increase production capacity, meaning more cars need to be sold and then serviced.

The job page on Tesla's Chinese website shows that the company has 742 open positions for people with work experience, with 37.33% of those positions directly related to manufacturing. In addition, Tesla also offers 116 jobs for hire on university campuses in China, 33 of which are related to smart manufacturing. The focus is also on sales and service jobs. Tesla is looking for 174 experienced professionals and has 25 positions for graduates.

In an effort to cope with the difficult global economic situation as steadfastly as possible, Tesla is optimizing its work. Obviously, this implies a careful review of the importance and contribution of all departments and some individual employees. Although some specialists will lose their jobs, Tesla still continues to offer tens of thousands of jobs around the world, increasing their number by the hundreds every month. Ultimately, despite any layoffs, the total number of employees at Tesla continues to increase.

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