Tesla Chosen by Consumers as Most Trusted Company to Develop Fully-Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla Chosen by Consumers as Most Trusted Company to Develop Fully-Autonomous Vehicles

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The development of fully-autonomous vehicles is the goal of several companies today. However, consumers have chosen Tesla as the most trusted company that can successfully develop the feature.

With the advent of fully autonomous vehicles, the question arose of who would be the first to win this race and develop the most reliable system. As part of a recent AutoPacific study measuring consumer perceptions of fully autonomous vehicles, the company asked respondents about their trust in 56 brands that included both automakers and popular technology companies. Consumers of all age groups have chosen who they will trust the most and least when it comes to developing safe and reliable fully autonomous vehicles.

While automakers, legacy and startups, and even a few technology companies promise appealing, cutting-edge fully-autonomous vehicles, if the consumer is not entirely on board then the pace of adoption may stall the arrival of this technology, explains AutoPacific. According to the study, 22% of younger shoppers ages 30 to 39 want autonomous vehicles as soon as possible followed by 14% of shoppers ages 18 to 29. The eagerness begins to drop as the age brackets climb, with just 3% of polled consumers ages 60 and up wanting it ASAP. However, most consumers would rather wait until there is a proven track record of safe and/or reliable fully autonomous vehicles.

There are currently no fully autonomous or "self-driving" vehicles on the market. However, some automakers offer features that can help the driver while driving. Of all the companies, only Tesla has achieved a significant breakthrough, and although its vehicles with FSD still need close attention from the driver, they show a huge difference compared to systems from other manufacturers.

The road to building an autonomous vehicle is complex and bumpy. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently noted: "Only path to success [full self-driving] IMO is hardcore real-world AI software with dedicated NN inference acceleration ASICs in car, multibillion-dollar NN training supercluster and 10+ billion miles of vehicle data." This is what his company has been doing for the past eight years and has already achieved great success. Tesla is currently working on FSD Beta, which will eventually lead to Level 5 autonomy. Testers in some regions of the US note that already now, their cars drive without a single intervention from the driver.

Data from the AutoPacific study also show that consumers trust Tesla the most and see it as a leader in the development of full self-driving. 32% of consumers voted for Tesla as the most trusted brand in developing safe and reliable fully autonomous vehicles, earning it the top spot. Second place goes to Toyota, as 19% of consumers consider this brand to be the most reliable brand in the development of autonomous vehicles. 18% of consumers chose BMW, 16% Chevrolet, and 14% chose Ford.

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