Tesla Confirms Tilt Display & Other Hardware Updates for Model S & X

von Eva Fox Mai 06, 2022

Tesla Confirms Tilt Display & Other Hardware Updates for Model S & X

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After some conjecture, Tesla has finally confirmed that its Model S and Model X are now being produced and shipped with a 17-inch tilt display. In addition, the manufacturer included front matrix LED headlights and new taillights for Model S.

Three days ago there were hints that Tesla had started production and delivering Model S and X with tilt displays. Model S, which is currently showcased in Taiwan, was first seen to have a display that was turned towards the driver. On the same day, Larry Li/Twitter shared a video of his newly purchased Model S, which was fitted with a tilt display. According to the information, the car was delivered about a week ago.

Tesla has now officially confirmed that its Model S and Model X, along with other hardware upgrades, contain a tilt display. A description of the new feature has resurfaced on the company's website after being missing for several months, which was spotted by @realEndlssPlaid/Twitter. The manufacturer explains that the display can tilt to the right or left.

“With 2200 x 1300 resolution, true colors and exceptional responsiveness, an adjustable 17” display tilts left or right for gaming, movies and more. A second display in front of the driver features the most essential vehicle driver information, including Full Self-Driving Visualization, while a third display second-row screen provides even more entertainment and control for rear passengers.”

After the online configurator was launched, Tesla informed on its website that Model S and Model X should have a tilt screen. However, before the start of deliveries in 2021, this information was removed. This could be because the company did not have the hardware to make this super-handy feature available. Supply chain issues still persist in the market today, but eased up a bit from last year, which is why Tesla has begun delivering Model S and Model X with this feature.

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