Tesla Continues to Improve Cybertruck, Shows a New Close-Up Video

Tesla Continues to Improve Cybertruck, Shows a New Close-Up Video

Photo: Met God in Wilderness/YouTube

Tesla continues to improve Cybertruck, shows a new close-up video. A company team was seen working on the electric pickup truck near the Fremont factory test track.

Tesla Cybertruck was again spotted in Fremont, but this time it did not drive on the track, though was near it. A company team was clearly working on something important for the electric pickup truck, hinted at by the busy activity around it. Some parts of the body, on which the cameras are installed, were covered with a film. You can see that the rear bumper, the left wheel arch, the area between the driver and passenger doors on the left side, as well as the area where the camera is located in the front left wheel arch, were covered. On the right side, these parts appear to be uncovered, though due to the lighting, it's hard to tell for sure. There were many boxes near the car.

Another interesting observation was that an electrical cable ran from the camera in the front bumper, which only confirmed that the team was doing some kind of camera manipulation. In addition, there were intricate markings on the pavement around Cybertruck, made with blue duct tape. This could suggest that Tesla is tweaking the hardware or comparing the performance of different cameras (perhaps from different producers).

While the video made by Met God in Wilderness/YouTube was interesting and provided valuable information, it still overstepped the bounds. The drone flew so close to the pickup truck that it created inconvenience for the company's employees. After tolerating its presence for several minutes, the team was forced to defiantly approach the drone to show that such behavior was unacceptable. Met God in Wilderness himself expressed remorse for his behavior and promised that he would no longer approach his drone so close. However, this video may still have a negative impact, and Tesla, which previously did not object to "reasonable drone footage," could ban overflights, which would be very unfortunate, but justified.


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