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Tesla Could Make Joe Mode Even Quieter

Tesla Could Make Joe Mode Even Quieter


Tesla continues to improve its vehicles to increase customer satisfaction. The company could make Joe Mode even quieter, so that warnings in the car do not disturb passengers.

Tesla is widely known for bringing various convenience features to its vehicles at the request of its customers. Owners can reach out directly to the company's CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, and if they are lucky enough, their request will be seen by him. To date, there are dozens of requests left by customers on Twitter, to which Musk responded.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley approached Musk to see if Joe Mode could be made even quieter than the one currently in Tesla vehicles. The head of the company replied that Tesla could probably do it.

The fact is that while driving a car, the system sometimes emits various sounds, such as warnings. Joe Mode is designed to reduce their impact on all occupants of the vehicle, as they do not need to hear lane-keeping warnings or other warnings useful for drivers only. In addition, sounds may disturb or even frighten some passengers. This is especially applicable to children who may fall asleep, and an unexpected loud warning can wake up and frighten the child. In addition, such a mode may be especially relevant for owners who use their car as a taxi. Any additional sounds may create discomfort for passengers.

In fact, Joe Mode is simply an audio mode that you can select for your vehicle to reduce the impact of noise due to various warnings in your vehicle. It would be very helpful if Tesla could make it even quieter, which would certainly make the ride even more enjoyable for passengers. However, do not forget that the driver still needs to be aware of all notifications and warnings, so Joe Mode helps balance comfort and safety while driving a Tesla car.

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