Tesla Cuts Charging Prices at Superchargers in Germany in Step with Lower Electricity Costs

Tesla Cuts Charging Prices at Superchargers in Germany in Step with Lower Electricity Costs

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Tesla is lowering Supercharger charging prices in Germany in response to declining electricity costs in the country. After this step, which was unexpected for customers, the cost of charging Tesla cars became very competitive.

Tesla unexpectedly lowered charging prices on its Superchargers in Germany, which was a very pleasant surprise for customers. In December, it was announced that charging costs would rise as the power supply situation was tight. However, in a fair response to the recent reduction in electricity costs, the company has also reduced the cost of charging at Superchargers.

Local Tesla owners have reported that charging now costs 47 cents per kilowatt-hour during off-peak hours and 52 cents during peak hours, according to Golem. With these prices, Tesla is once again offering charging costs below the level of other providers on the market. Therefore, it has once again become an extremely attractive charging option for German Tesla owners. In December 2022, the company raised prices twice in a row. The cost was 63 cents and 70 cents per kWh, which made Tesla chargers less attractive as there were cheaper offers on the market from other providers. In November, Tesla introduced time-of-day pricing differentiation across Europe. Accordingly, prices vary depending on the place and time.

In Germany, Tesla owners can now charge their cars most of the day for 47 cents per kilowatt hour. Non-Tesla EV owners must pay €12.99 per month for a subscription to enjoy the listed charging prices at Superchargers that are open to them. Owners without a subscription will pay 64 cents per kWh during off-peak hours or 71 cents per kWh during peak hours.

There are currently around 1,900 charging stalls in 144 Superchargers in Germany, representing the manufacturer's largest network of charging stations in Europe.

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