Tesla Cybertruck Bodies Photo Leaks Online

Tesla Cybertruck Bodies Photo Leaks Online

Image: Mathias Føns/Twitter

A photo of Tesla Cybertruck bodies has leaked online, hinting at big progress in getting the production line up and running. Production of the steel beast is scheduled to begin in Q3, with first deliveries to customers closer to the end of the year.

The start of production of Tesla Cybertruck is getting closer and closer. Recently leaked photos show that the company has made great progress in installing and setting up a production line at Giga Texas. Mathias Føns tweeted a photo taken from an anonymous Facebook account. The person who uploaded the photo claimed to have received it from someone who works at a Tesla factory in Texas. However, after a while, the photo was removed from Facebook but has already gained high popularity on Twitter.

This photo was especially interesting because it captured Cybertruck bodies. Looking at the photo, you can see the rear and front single-piece castings and the frame of the truck. It was all in one piece. However, keep in mind that it is made up of several pieces that are joined together. Most likely, it consists of rear and front single-piece castings and a passenger body frame welded from castings. Next, the frame will be wrapped in steel and possibly mounted on a structural battery pack. At the moment, it is not completely known exactly how Cybertruck will be assembled, because the company is constantly improving and adapting to the current situation.

Production of Cybertruck is due to begin in Q3. However, as Elon Musk warned, it will slowly build up this year. The first deliveries should take place towards the end of the year at a special event. It seems the production line at Giga Texas is already running, although it is not known if is operating at all or only some of its stages. Earlier there were rumors that some employees from the Model Y line will be transferred to the Cybertruck line in order to fully set it up and be ready for production in early August.

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