Tesla Cybertruck May Have a Round Steering Wheel Option

Tesla Cybertruck May Have a Round Steering Wheel Option

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Tesla Cybertruck may have a round steering wheel option. This shape of the steering wheel was spotted in a recent official video from the company.

Tesla Cybertruck from the very beginning had a yoke-shaped steering wheel. It was one of its calling cards. It is likely that most of the customers who pre-ordered the truck expected this would be the steering wheel on their vehicles. However, recent sightings indicate Cybertruck may have a different steering wheel shape.

Tesla fans spotted a different-than-expected Cybertruck steering wheel in a recent video released by the company. On Shareholder Day, the manufacturer posted a Bot Update video. Although the focus was on Tesla robots, at one point they had Cybertruck in the background. At this point, it could be seen that the truck has a round steering wheel.

At the moment, the final plan of the company regarding the shape of the steering wheel remains unclear. However, it is likely Tesla could offer a few steering wheel shapes to choose from to suit all customers. When the company released Model S and X, they were equipped with a yoke steering wheel. However, some customers kept asking for a round steering wheel. Later, the manufacturer added a round steering wheel as an option. Sometime later, a round steering wheel was offered as a default option, and a yoke steering wheel was offered as a paid option.

It is worth noting that the Cybertruck prototype, which showed up at Giga Texas during the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, had an updated yoke steering wheel with a connecting top that the driver can grab onto if needed.

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