Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in the Wild with Covered Bed

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in the Wild with Covered Bed

Image: @whatsinside/Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in the wild with a covered bed, which is not a common sighting. The cover gives the pickup truck a finished look, making it even more futuristic.

The public is looking forward to the start of Cybertruck production. According to the plan, this should happen in the middle of the year, though a significant number of deliveries are not expected before 2024. As the start of production approaches, investors and owners are keeping a close eye on any news related to Cybertruck. They hope that they can get some important information about the expected product.

On Saturday, @whatsinside/Twitter shared a bird's-eye video of Cybertruck. The pickup truck was driving along the road, which made it possible to get a good look at how it looked from above. The first thing to catch the eye was its covered bed. In the past, Tesla has tested Cybertruck without covering it, or at least photos and videos of this have not been published for a long time.

It is worth noting that the appearance of the cover is not something new and does not indicate that this is the latest Cybertruck prototype. Initially, in 2019, Tesla introduced it with a cover. In 2020, Cybertruck showed up at Jay Leno's Garage, where a tonneau cover was shown. “It’ll protect your cargo and secure it against being stolen,” Elon Musk said to Leno. In order not to be unfounded, he climbed onto the roof and demonstrated its strength. “People of Tesla,” exclaimed Leno. This episode later became a popular GIF that is now frequently used on Twitter by the Tesla community.

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