Tesla Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Supercharger

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Supercharger

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A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted at a Giga Texas Supercharger. The pickup truck fits perfectly in the width of a standard charging parking space, confirming that it will not create additional difficulties with its size.

On Friday, Giga Texas construction progress monitor Joe Tegtmeyer made an interesting observation. Flying a drone over the factory grounds, he spotted a Cybertruck charging at a Supercharger. The Tesla charging station is located on the factory grounds and is under a canopy of solar panels. The Supercharger has standard-sized parking spaces, which gave us the opportunity to estimate the practicality of the electric pickup truck when charging in the real world.

The Cybertruck is a fairly large vehicle. Tesla does not disclose its dimensions, but Elon Musk recently stated the truck should fit in a standard-sized garage. However, some of the company's customers have been worried about how they will be able to charge their trucks at charging stations. In the photos and videos provided by Joe, we can measure that the Cybertruck fits perfectly into the space provided without cluttering up the Supercharger. While the truck is indeed wider than the Model Y standing next to it, it is still neat enough to fit into the allotted space without too much hassle.

In July, Tesla announced that the first Cybertruck rolled off its production line at Giga Texas. This means the company is even closer to bringing these steel beasts to the roads. According to Musk, the first delivery to customers should occur in the third quarter. He warned that production of Cybertruck this year will be limited. A more significant increase in production at Giga Texas will begin next year.

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