Tesla Cybertruck Spotted with Starlink Dish in Mexico

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted with Starlink Dish in Mexico

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Two Tesla Cybertrucks were spotted testing in Baja California, Mexico. They had additional accessories on the roof, including a Starlink dish on one of them.

More and more often we can see Cybertruck on the roads of various US states. However, this time, Tesla has expanded the testing area. Two Cybertrucks were spotted in Baja California, Mexico. The sightings were reported by several observant people who were able to take photos and videos of the pickup trucks.

These two Cybertrucks had an attractive wrap. Both were emblazoned with “Cybertruck”signature graffiti inscription. They differed only in the choice of colors for the inscription. However, this was not the only thing that distinguished the pickup trucks from others that have been seen on the roads previously.

The most notable was the Mobility Starlink dish installed on the roof of one of the Cybertrucks. According to Starlink's website, “Starlink Mobility works with Starlink's Flat High Performance hardware. With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, the Flat High Performance can connect to more satellites, allowing for consistent connectivity on the go.” Thus, installing equipment on one of the Cybertrucks made it possible to stay in touch and have internet access for the entire caravan. This meant that the engineering team could send data obtained during testing to headquarters in real time.

In addition, the Cybertrucks were equipped with racks. These were traditional roof racks with two cross bars, one above the B-pillar and the other at the end of the rear door. At this point, all photos and videos show that the racks were not used to transport anything, but were simply installed. However, it is possible that they were also tested at some point. We previously saw a Cybertruck with a rack during the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla Lithium.

Additionally, a light strip was seen attached to the top of the windshield, which we saw during the 2019 Cybertruck unveiling event. Since then, new prototypes have been seen without this strip. At the moment, it seems that Tesla may offer this as an optional accessory, with the option of retrofitting after purchase.



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