Tesla TSLA Earnings Results: Expectations & Forecasts for Q2 2023

Tesla TSLA Earnings Results: Expectations & Forecasts for Q2 2023

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Tesla shares posted another rally ahead of the release of Q2 2023 earnings results. Analysts expect earnings per share to decline but revenue to rise. Investors want to know about FSD licensing, 4680 battery cell production progress, Tesla Energy products, and more.

In the previous quarter, Tesla's revenue was $23.33 billion and adjusted earnings were 85 cents per share. Revenue increased compared to the first quarter of 2022, however profit decreased. Analysts predict a further decline in earnings per share to an average of 80 cents in the second quarter of 2023. However, revenue is expected to average $24.65 billion. This is about $1.3 billion more than in the previous quarter. This would be Tesla's highest quarterly earnings ever.

Following the release of the earnings report, Tesla management will hold a conference call with analysts to answer questions posed by investors through the SAY platform. So far, 12.69K shareholders representing 10.8M shares have asked their questions or voted for the ones already asked. The top questions are:

1. Has any automaker approached Tesla to license FSD?

5.4K votes
5.3M TSLA Shares Represented

2. What is the status of the 4680 Cell? How far are you from the specs you laid out on battery day? When do you expect to achieve what you laid out on Battery Day?

3.1K votes
3.7M TSLA Shares Represented

3. Could you quantify the benefits to COGS / unit from (a) IRA battery manufacturing incentives and (b) battery raw material declines year-to-date?

859 votes
2.8M TSLA Shares Represented

4. Can you talk more to the upcoming Tesla Energy products, and how your thinking has evolved on the revenue model? Given Tesla's AI capabilities, how do you see the long-term mix between hardware margin and recurring software margin from e.g. Autobidder as this segment accelerates?

1.1K votes
2.7M TSLA Shares Represented

5. Have you considered allowing FSD transferability as a lever to allow existing customers to upgrade to a new Tesla instead of being locked in to existing cars due to price of FSD?

4.0K votes
2.6M TSLA Shares Represented

6. When will you get more information about our Cybertruck orders? Estimated delivery schedules, pricing and specifications?

4.2K votes
2.6M TSLA Shares Represented

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