Tesla Enters Malaysian Market with Model Y Launch

Tesla Enters Malaysian Market with Model Y Launch

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Tesla officially entered the Malaysian market on Thursday. At the gala event, the company introduced Model Y. The price of the car starts at $43,600, which stimulated a huge wave of demand.

Tesla has officially unveiled its very popular Model Y in Malaysia at a gala event joined by Tesla Regional Director Isabel Fan. The cost of the car ranges from RM199,000 (about $43,600) to RM288,000 (about $63,150). Delivery of the first vehicle is expected early next year.

The actual sales of Model Y began a few days ago via the company's website, before the event. The cost of the car is affordable, so the company saw a lot of demand. Although there were rumors on social media that over 10,000 orders were made in the first four days of the sale, this turned out to be false. However, Fan confirmed that Tesla met with a lot of public interest.

“The actual number of reservations will remain undisclosed, but Tesla assures the public that interest in Model Y is strong and appreciates the support from our growing community of customers in Malaysia,” she told the New Straits Times on the sidelines of the Tesla launch.

Tesla has unveiled an extensive development plan in Malaysia. The company intends to open experience centers, service and support facilities, and charging infrastructure. All of this is geared towards providing a seamless Tesla ownership experience.

“We’re pleased to announce the opening of our first indoor supercharger station at Pavilion KL, featuring a total of eight superchargers. Additionally, we have plans for upcoming charging stations in Johor and Penang, ensuring our customers can easily travel from Malaysia to Singapore and Thailand,” Fan stated during the official launch event.

“For the year 2023’s assessment, Tesla owners can claim individual income tax relief of up to RM2,500 on expenses related to the installation, rental, purchase, or hire-purchase of electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities,” Fan highlighted, according to Business Today.

She further explained, “Newly-registered Tesla EVs (completely built-up electric vehicles) will benefit from full import and excise duty exemption, along with a 100 percent road tax exemption.”

“Furthermore, companies renting non-commercial EVs may claim tax deductions on rental amounts up to RM300,000, covering the years of assessment from 2023 until 2025,” Fan added.

Tesla highlights in Malaysia:

1. Car imports: Tesla aims to introduce its line of electric vehicles to Malaysian consumers by bringing its Model 3 and Model Y to market. More models will be introduced in the future.

2. Supercharger network: Tesla will invest heavily in establishing an extensive network of charging stations at strategic locations in Malaysia. This initiative aims to provide EV owners with hassle-free and convenient charging, contributing to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

3. Headquarters and Service Center: Tesla is set to establish its state-of-the-art head office and service center in Cyberjaya, Selangor, which will serve as a central hub for all corporate operations, marketing, training, customer support and vehicle maintenance.

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