Tesla Expands its Virtual Power Plant in Australia with the Tesla Energy Plan

Tesla Expands its Virtual Power Plant in Australia with the Tesla Energy Plan

Tesla is expanding the nation's largest virtual power plant to New South Wales, South East Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory as part of its Tesla Energy Plan. This will contribute to the stability of the electric grid and reduce the cost of electricity.

Tesla posted an announcement to expand its virtual power plant to new regions in Australia via LinkedIn. Although it was posted in a modest manner and did not contain many details, the announcement is big and important news, as the changes will bring great benefits to the region's power grid and its users.

“Australia's largest Virtual Power Plant has expanded to New South Wales, South-East Queensland & the Australian Capital Territory with the Tesla Energy Plan.

Connect your Powerwall with the Tesla Energy Plan today.”

Tesla began offering access to the Tesla Energy Plan in South Australia to Powerwall 2 owners in 2019 as Australians were in dire need of a dramatic reduction in electricity rates. To this end, the price of Powerwall 2 was quickly reduced, and existing subsidies for its purchase in South Australia provided a very favorable opportunity to install Tesla Powerwall in many homes. Thus, a powerful energy network was formed, Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which began to support the entire energy market of the region.

VPP showed its clear advantage later that year with an unexpected coal power outage in Queensland. South Australian Powerwall owners signed up for the Tesla Energy Plan came to the rescue and helped keep the grid stable.

The new expansion in New South Wales, South East Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory will further expand the VPP, and therefore bring much more benefits to both the entire energy grid and individual households.

“Our world leading technology optimises the use of your Powerwall based on your energy needs, market conditions, weather and anticipated grid events to ensure it benefits your home, while also supporting the community with clean renewable energy,” Tesla says on its website. “In return, you receive competitive energy rates, Grid Support Credits and Powerwall Credits to reward your participation.”

Participation in the Tesla VPP provides customers with energy savings through flexible rates for the duration of use. This helps reduce energy bills while providing greater access to renewable energy throughout the local community. Customers are guaranteed a minimum 20 percent back-up reserve during a grid outage, and the Tesla Energy plan limits Powerwall discharge cycles to the grid to 50 per year.

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