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Tesla to Add Feature that Automatically Closes Windows if Car Senses Rain

von Eva Fox Mai 30, 2022

Tesla to Add Feature that Automatically Closes Windows if Car Senses Rain

Photo: u/AllAmericanHero28/Reddit

A Tesla feature that will automatically close the windows of your parked car if it starts raining will be available soon. The manufacturer will add the function as requested by customers.

Surely many of us have experienced a situation where we left our parked car for just a few minutes, and at that moment it began to rain. If at that moment the windows of the car were open, then water got into the cabin, which was not very pleasant. Of course, if the car is locked, then the windows will close automatically, however, it is not always convenient to close and open the car if you leave it for only a few minutes, for example, while loading things into the trunk.

Tesla car owner @brandonee916/Twitter asked for a feature to automatically close the windows in his parked car if it starts raining. He contacted Elon Musk directly on his Twitter account and received an affirmative response.

Tesla is a unique company, and this charm is undoubtedly given to it by its CEO. He is open to communicating both with investors of the company and the owners of its products, as well as with any other people who might reach out. In fact, Tesla owners have already made requests for a lot of the features they wanted in their cars and are now enjoying them thanks to Musk's responsiveness.

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