Tesla Takes Action Against Former Employees Who Leaked Confidential Data

Tesla Takes Action Against Former Employees Who Leaked Confidential Data

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Tesla has informed the public about a recent data breach reported by a German publication. The company took appropriate action and filed a lawsuit against former employees who violated the law and leaked confidential data.

In May 2023, the German media outlet Handelsblatt told Tesla that it had obtained the company's confidential information. Since the manufacturer takes data privacy and security seriously, appropriate measures were taken immediately. Tesla reported on the work done, as reported by the Maine Attorney General on Friday, August 18. The company said it found no evidence of data misuse in a way that could cause harm.

After Handelsblatt informed Tesla about the incident, an investigation was immediately launched. It showed that two former employees of the company misappropriated information in violation of Tesla’s IT security and data protection policies and shared it with the media outlet. Handelsblatt has stated that it does not intend to release personal information obtained by them. In any case, it was legally prohibited.

Tesla said it identified and sued the two former employees. These lawsuits resulted in the confiscation of electronic devices believed to contain company information. Tesla also obtained court orders that “prohibit the former employees from further use, access, or dissemination of the data, subject to criminal penalties.” The company cooperated with law enforcement and external forensics experts, and will continue to take appropriate steps as necessary.

Tesla also arranged resources to determine what data was involved and identify potentially affected individuals. The company recently confirmed that some records relating to employees were among the sensitive information that was exposed in this incident. Illegally obtained personal information relates to the details of certain current and former employees, including the name and certain contact information that Tesla maintains in the normal course of business as an employer.

While Tesla has no evidence that any personal information has been misused that could cause harm to affected parties, the company supports those affected by offering free membership to Experian IdentityWorks. This product provides credit monitoring, identity detection, and resolution services, the company said.

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