Tesla Fremont Factory May Be Under Expansion, Perhaps for Optimus?

von Eva Fox August 12, 2022

Tesla Fremont Factory May Be Under Expansion, Perhaps for Optimus?

Photo: Met God in Wilderness/YouTube

Tesla's Fremont factory may be under expansion, footage from a recent video shows. This would be in line with Elon Musk's recent announcement that Tesla is considering expanding in California.

Expansion of production capabilities for Tesla is one of the key tasks. In addition, to increase the production capacity for already manufactured products, the manufacturer has something in mind for which there are no production sites yet. For example, perhaps there will be a test production of the Optimus robot.

Tesla's Fremont factory has limited space but makes the most of it. Today, it is the auto factory that produces the most cars in the US of any automaker. Lack of land is a key factor in making it so hard to carve out even a little room for expansion there, but it does not seem like that has stopped Tesla.

Met God in Wilderness/YouTube recently visited the company's Fremont facility and saw something interesting. Across the street from the factory, where there were two office buildings in good condition, construction work began. The buildings have been completely demolished and the site is now being prepared for something else as the backhoe is working there.

In addition, in early 2022, Tesla applied for a building permit “Main Foundation & Utilities—New Foundations, Compressed Air Drops, Electrical Drops and Network Drops.” This indicates that the manufacturer has started construction, although there is still no exact confirmation that it will take place on the site, which was filmed by Met God in Wilderness.

This information, combined with the fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in early March 2022 that the company was “considering expanding it (the Fremont factory) significantly,” indicates that the manufacturer may already have begun expansion. Whatever the expansion is intended for, it is safe to say that the site will be used in the most efficient way.

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