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Tesla FSD 10.8 + Holiday Fun Software Releases Next Week, Says Elon Musk

Tesla FSD 10.8 + Holiday Fun Software Releases Next Week, Says Elon Musk
The long-awaited holiday software update will be released next week, said the CEO of the company, Elon Musk. In addition, there will be a rollout of FSD Beta V10.8, with significant improvements and probably for owners with 97 safety scores.

The holidays are already approaching, which means Tesla is preparing a gift for its customers. In the past year, in addition to important improvements such as Scheduled Departure Improvements, Emissions Testing Mode Improvements, Supercharger Display Improvements, Driving visualization improvements, the company has gifted entertainments, such as three new games and customizing the sounds that the car can make when parked.

What awaits the owners this year, we do not yet know, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has updated information on the timing of its release. According to him, the new holiday update may be released on Tuesday, although it is worth considering that the date may be slightly shifted. At the moment it is expected that Tesla will add one or more games, possibly Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as a number of other interesting improvements like the V11 user interface and Bird's eye view (although these are only guesses about the desired features).

Along with the holiday software, Musk said the company will release Tesla FSD V10.8. Since at the moment the testers are on V10.6.1, this means that there will be no V10.7 release and the company will go straight to the deployment of the next software version. This usually happens when the Autopilot team makes significant progress and releasing versions in order no longer makes any sense. As such, some important improvements can be expected to move the company closer to achieving Level 5 autonomy.

Musk also revealed what we can expect with the FSD V10.8 update. He said that it will likely include rollout to owners with 97 safety scores. At the moment, participation in FSD Beta testing is possible only for owners whose safety scores are 100, 99 or 98. In addition, the long-awaited waypoints will work in the new version of the FSD Beta.

The head of the company also said that the ability to adjust Sentry Mode sensitivity is "coming," although it was unclear exactly when. Perhaps it was about the fact that it will become available in the new update, or perhaps he meant that it will be at some point in future updates.

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