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Tesla FSD Beta Deployed on 400K Vehicles in North America, Traveled about 100M Miles, Providing Safety Improvements

Tesla FSD Beta Deployed on 400K Vehicles in North America, Traveled about 100M Miles, Providing Safety Improvements

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Tesla FSD Beta is already deployed on 400,000 vehicles in North America, which have traveled about 100 million miles outside of the highways. The company's safety report demonstrates that FSD Beta has had a positive impact in reducing the number of accidents.

In its Q4 2022 earnings report, Tesla shared the progress of Full Self-Driving (FSD). The company said that FSD Beta has been deployed to about 400,000 vehicles in North America (in the US and Canada), which is a huge achievement. At the end of September, the company announced that it had deployed FSD Beta on 160,000 vehicles, which means that over the next three months, the deployment speed became very fast, increasing the number of participants by 150%. This was made possible because FSD Beta became so safe that it became available to all company vehicles in North America that purchased the FSD package.

“We have now released FSD Beta to nearly all customers in the US and Canada who bought FSD (approximately 400,000). This is an important milestone for our company. Every customer in the US and Canada can now access FSD Beta functionality upon purchase/subscription and start experiencing the evolution of AI-powered autonomy.”

During the Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also noted the company's achievement. He noted that this was a milestone for autonomy, as FSD Beta is the only way any consumer can actually test the latest AI-based autonomy. He noted that the 2022 vehicle safety data released by the company show that there has been an improvement in the safety system, which was a signal that FSD Beta can be deployed to the general public. Musk noted that if the data showed deterioration, the company would never have released it to the general public.

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