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Tesla FSD Beta Expands to Safety Scores Over 80 After v10.69.2.1 in a Few Days

Tesla FSD Beta Expands to Safety Scores Over 80 After v10.69.2.1 in a Few Days

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Tesla FSD Beta is showing good progress and the manufacturer is expanding it to owners with safety scores above 80 after V10.69.2.1. Version 10.69.3 comes out shortly after AI Day, scheduled for September 30.

Last Sunday night, Tesla began distributing FSD Beta 10.69.2 to all of its approximately 100,000 testers. The owners noted that the new version is smoother, more confident, more agile, and more like a human driver than before. Testers who previously encountered difficulties on some sections of the road will also report that the software has become better at handling these areas. However, the polishing of the new version continues.

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that after the release of version, which should take place in a few days, owners with safety scores above 80 will have access to the software. This indicates a dramatically increased confidence in the capabilities of FSD Beta. At the moment, in order to become a participant in the testing program, owners must have a safety score of 95 or higher. The 15-point reduction in requirements for owners' driving habits is truly significant.

In addition, Musk revealed that FSD Beta 10.69.3 will come out “shortly after AI Day,” which is scheduled for September 30. It can be assumed that this will happen sometime in October. The head of the company did not mention whether V10.69.3 would be the next version after It may be necessary for the manufacturer to do some additional polishing between these versions.

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