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Tesla FSD Beta Will Be Able to Reach GPS Points Without Map Data in a Few Months, per Elon Musk

Tesla FSD Beta Will Be Able to Reach GPS Points Without Map Data in a Few Months, per Elon Musk

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In addition to a number of upcoming improvements, within a few months, Tesla FSD Beta will be able to drive a car to a GPS point without map data, which is a big deal, Elon Musk said. In the meantime, version 10.12.2 has started to roll out widely in North America. In addition, Tesla is preparing to submit the development to regulators in the European Union in order to bring FSD Beta to the European roads.

Full autonomy of vehicles is an extremely difficult task, and its developers have a high degree of responsibility. That is why each stage in the development of Tesla FSD Beta takes a large amount of time to provide testers with a safe function. After testing FSD Beta V10.12 among employees, and making some improvements, the manufacturer began rolling out V10.12.2 on Saturday to all of its around 100,000 testers in North America.

In the next update, V10.13, Tesla is aiming for major improvements, according to the company CEO Elon Musk. He indicated that significant improvements will be made to intersection control, especially long lefts. In addition, cars will be able to drive on roads without the use of maps, which is quite remarkable. Musk wrote that this is “a big deal” and clarified that this means that the car “should be able to drive to a GPS point with zero map data.” The head of Tesla said that this would be possible within a few months.

Undoubtedly, FSD Beta is a huge breakthrough and has no analogs on the market. Thanks to the hard work of the Tesla team and tens of thousands of testers in North America, the feature has achieved high performance, which can be seen in owner videos, made freely available on various platforms, including YouTube. Using only cameras, Tesla cars are able to drive long distances, often without a single intervention. It is worth bearing in mind that this is a test product, so all drivers should be extremely careful when using FSD Beta and be ready to intervene at any moment.

The strong results set the stage for Tesla to apply to deploy FSD Beta in the European Union soon, according to Musk's Twitter announcement. He previously said that this could happen in the summer of 2022. This will allow the manufacturer to test the feature on roads in Europe, which are very different from roads in the US and Canada. This will be a real challenge for FSD Beta, as European cities require great skill to drive safely through narrow, traffic-laden streets.

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