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Tesla Giga Berlin Doesn’t Threaten Brandenburg Water Supply, PM Woidke Assures

Tesla Giga Berlin Doesn’t Threaten Brandenburg Water Supply, PM Woidke Assures

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The Prime Minister of Brandenburg dispelled the doubts of people that Tesla Giga Berlin could have a negative impact on the water supply in the region. He said the fears were “groundless,” which should stop critics from using it to make their accusations.

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke warned environmentalists about their accusations against Tesla that wrongly suggest Giga Berlin could cause water shortages in the region. “These fears are groundless,” he told Neuste Nachrichten and Tagesspiegel on Friday when asked about it.

According to the Prime Minister, Tesla is not the largest consumer of process water in the state and pointed to the fact that other businesses in the region consume significantly more water. “Other companies, for example in the chemical industry, consume much more,” he explained. Because of this, there has long been an intention to bring water from more distant regions to the Berlin area for future supplies.

To date, Tesla has done a great job of significantly saving water consumption at Giga Berlin. The manufacturer was able to do this before the factory planning stage. The company uses 2.2 cubic meters for the production of each car, including the production of batteries. This is below the industry average by more than 3 cubic meters, which is a truly impressive achievement that demonstrates Tesla's commitment to protecting the environment.

Another interesting fact is that a whopping 2.7 cubic meters of water is used to produce one T-shirt, while seven cubic meters of water is required to produce one pair of jeans. Thus, Tesla can produce a car and a battery for it more economically in terms of water consumption than clothing manufacturers can for their products. Additionally, you can use a car for decades, while people buy new clothes much more often.

Despite the clear environmental benefits that Tesla brings, as well as the better environmental friendliness in production compared to other manufacturers, the American company has faced opposition from two German environmental organizations. Instead of criticizing the truly harmful industries, such as coal mining, they attacked Tesla in an effort to stop or slow down its activities, which raises reasonable doubts about their sincerity. However, assurances from the Government of Brandenburg show that there are no valid reasons to question production at Giga Berlin.

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