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Tesla Giga Berlin Secures Right to Independently Classify the Hazard Class of Water, Avoiding Red Tape

Tesla Giga Berlin Secures Right to Independently Classify the Hazard Class of Water, Avoiding Red Tape

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Tesla Giga Berlin received the right to classify the water hazard class independently. This gives it the opportunity to work more efficiently, avoiding red tape.

Tesla has achieved another success in improving the efficiency at Giga Berlin by reducing third-party interference in its operations. The manufacturer secured another victory, as the Strausberg-Erkner water association is now barred from being involved in groundwater-related matters. At the company's request, the State Environment Agency also lifted an additional provision for Tesla to handle water pollutants.

Previously, the state required Tesla to submit analyses to the Oder-Spree County Water Authority in certain cases when it classified mixtures into water hazard classes. This applies to cases where Tesla classified substances in a lower hazard class due to the low proportion of their content in water. The company opposed this, as it required constant intervention from a third party, slowing factory operations. The State Environmental Protection Agency has now canceled this additional provision for Tesla. This means that the company can itself classify the water hazard class for these mixtures.

Tesla has previously secured the abolition of the requirement that the Strausberg-Erkner water association be involved in all matters related to groundwater in the Giga Berlin area. However, the state still continues to control the situation at the site, just without the involvement of the water association.

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