Tesla Giga Berlin 'turned on the searchlight' on East Germany, Says Dietmar Woidke

Tesla Giga Berlin 'turned on the searchlight' on East Germany, Says Dietmar Woidke

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Tesla Giga Berlin, which recently received final approval for mass production, is a great example for others. Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke believes that the factory is a strong signal for investors to start developing in East Germany.

The Prime Minister of Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidke, believes that the settlement of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin is a signal to other investors. “Tesla, so to speak, turned on the searchlight and aimed it at Brandenburg and East Germany,” Woidke told Handelsblatt. “We are currently seeing a trend reversal,” he said, explaining that eastern Germany has become more attractive to investors.

Woidke attributes this, in part, to the fact that many large companies now have their own climate targets. But they could only achieve this if they use renewable energy sources in production. “The East can deliver here,” Woidke said. “In East Germany, on average, we have a higher penetration of renewable energy sources, that is, the energy of the future.” As another important point, the politician named a different investment mentality in Germany. “East Germany is hungry for industrial settlements,” the head of government said. There is a “clear difference” here compared to the old federal states. “There are significantly more reservations than here,” he added.

Woidke cited Tesla's settlement in Grünheide as an example. “We have proven that even with a somewhat complicated German permit law, such a large investment can be realized in little more than two years.”

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