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Tesla Giga Berlin Is a Work of Art with Graffiti, Murals & A Super Fun Slide

Tesla Giga Berlin Is a Work of Art with Graffiti, Murals & A Super Fun Slide

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Tesla Giga Berlin is a work of art with graffiti, frescoes, and a fun slide. The factory provides an inviting atmosphere for work, where employees will get a unique experience.

Elon Musk has always had a special desire for fun. Although what he and his companies do requires a lot of work, no one has canceled the fun on the road to achieving goals. A recent video posted by Tesla on LinkedIn showed one of the steps to achieving increased workplace satisfaction.

The video posted on Thursday was filmed at Giga Berlin. It showed a very interesting room with bright, colorful frescoes on the walls. However, this is not what makes the room particularly interesting. There is a huge slide right in the center. Although it is difficult to give its exact dimensions, it can be pointed out that the slide’s height is two production floors of Giga Berlin. Previously, Musk said that the German factory is about the height of a standard five-story building, so we can assume that the height of the slide is at least about three standard floors, which is impressive.

In the video, an employee of Giga Berlin puts on a special Tesla suit, takes a step, and rushes through the tunnel, illuminated by colored lights. This is really interesting entertainment that can bring positivity to the working days of the factory employees. With this slide, multicolored frescoes, and graffiti that adorn the outer walls of the factory, Giga Berlin is a true work of art.

The idea of having entertainment at Tesla factories has been around for Musk for a long time. In 2016, he intended to build a Tesla Electric Pod Car rollercoaster at the Fremont factory. Since then, an electric train with trailers has been running on the territory of the factory.

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