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Tesla Giga Berlin May Be Preparing for First Deliveries of White Model Y Long Range

Tesla Giga Berlin May Be Preparing for First Deliveries of White Model Y Long Range

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Tesla Giga Berlin may be preparing for the first deliveries of Pearl White Multi-Coat Model Y. It is also reported that Model Y Long Range deliveries, probably made in Germany, will be delivered in around two weeks.

Tesla Giga Berlin officially started delivery with Solid Black Model Y Performance on March 22. First, 30 vehicles were delivered during a celebration at the factory, and over the next few days, vehicles were shipped to several delivery centers in Germany, as well as beyond, to several other European countries. In addition, trucks loaded with Solid Black Model Y Performance were seen delivering vehicles.

Although a few Pearl White Multi-Coat Model Y were spotted in the parking lot near Giga Berlin, their number was negligible and could only indicate test painting to hone the skill. However, German order holders of Pearl White Multi-Coat Model Y Long Range have reported that their vehicles could be delivered shortly.

Several members of the German TFF forum, order holders for Model Y Long Range with 19" wheels and white/black interior, reported that they were contacted by Tesla representatives. Company representatives asked if customers could pay for the order now, and also clarified whether they had their own parking space, as the car can be delivered at any time, without prior notice. Other details of the conversation were not disclosed.

In addition, @ChristophSeile3/Twitter revealed that he was contacted by a Tesla representative to confirm an order for a Pearl White Multi-Coat Model Y Long Range with 19" wheels and a white/black interior. The manager clarified whether @ChristophSeile3 would be able to take delivery of his car, for example, in two weeks, immediately on a call at that time.

Since Giga Shanghai has stopped production due to the escalation of the COVID-19 situation in China, the factory does not produce cars and, therefore, cannot ship them to customers. One would assume that Tesla has some kind of stock of Pearl White Multi-Coat China-made Model Y Long Range cars, though it seems unlikely that they all have not been delivered yet.

It is more likely that the Giga Berlin could start production of the Long Range versions in white, more so that the first deliveries of the white Model Y Performance are scheduled for next week. If this is true, this is a good sign and indicates a rapid mobilization of the manufacturer's forces in response to the current situation. This also highlights Tesla's flexibility, which has always helped the manufacturer to withstand any difficulties, throughout the formation and development of the company. However, it should not be ruled out that Tesla may also have some other source of supply for the Model Y Long Range, perhaps cars that other customers refused to take delivery of. In the context of the growing economic crisis, and under the strong pressure of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, some European Tesla customers may have postponed the purchase of a car.

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