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Tesla Giga Berlin Wants to Start Exploration to Find Groundwater

Tesla Giga Berlin Wants to Start Exploration to Find Groundwater

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Tesla Giga Berlin wants to start exploration to find groundwater. This may be a necessity for the second phase of the expansion.

Tesla wants to independently conduct groundwater exploration, Stern said on November 7 (via rbb). “Tesla is looking for suitable and productive groundwater sources,” confirmed Marlies Görsdorf, technical director of the Fürstenwalde water association. Fürstenwalde is close to the Gigafactory Berlin, just 13 miles on the L38.

As might be expected, Tesla's independent water search initiative was met with criticism from the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Association (Nabu). The organization has been trying in every possible way to thwart the manufacturer from the time it announced plans for a factory in the region. They tried to stop construction or at least delay it for some time. In the process, they lost several court cases on key complaints, which only underlined their desire to harm Tesla and not a real concern for the environment.

For its part, Tesla strives to create the most sustainable production and every stage of it takes place with thoughtful consideration the environment. In May, Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke warned environmentalists about their accusations against Tesla, which mistakenly suggest that Giga Berlin could cause water shortages in the region. “These fears are unfounded,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, Tesla is not the largest consumer of process water in the state and pointed to the fact that other businesses in the region consume significantly more water. “Other companies, for example in the chemical industry, consume much more,” he explained. Because of this, there has long been an intention to bring water from more distant regions to the Berlin area for future supplies. If Tesla finds groundwater on its own, it could save the state government a lot of money and time.

To date, Tesla has done a great job of significantly minimizing water consumption at Giga Berlin. The manufacturer was able to do this before the factory planning stage. The company uses 2.2 cubic meters for the production of each car, including the production of batteries. This is below the industry average by more than 3 cubic meters, which is a truly impressive achievement that demonstrates Tesla's commitment to protecting the environment.

Another interesting fact is that a whopping 2.7 cubic meters of water is used to produce one T-shirt, while seven cubic meters of water is required to produce one pair of jeans. Thus, Tesla can produce a car and a battery for it more economically in terms of water consumption than clothing manufacturers can for their products. Additionally, you can use a car for decades, while people buy new clothes much more often.

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