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Tesla Giga Shanghai Exits the Closed-Loop System on June 11

Tesla Giga Shanghai Exits the Closed-Loop System on June 11

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Tesla Giga Shanghai exits the closed-loop system on June 11 as COVID-19 eases. All company employees can resume movings between their homes and the factory to fully resume production and usual life.

Manufacturers in Shanghai have been in the closed-loop system since April, when the government allowed production to resume with severe restrictions. Tesla returned to limited production on April 19, after a three-week downtime. After nearly two months of operation under extreme conditions, production can resume fully this weekend. Tesla plans to exit the closed-loop system on Saturday, June 11, two executives from the manufacturer's supply companies said, according to the South China Morning Post.

Now thousands of employees can move freely between their homes and work. All Tesla employees were forced to work and live at the factory for almost eight weeks, and from Saturday they can return to their usual way of life. It also means that Giga Shanghai is starting to work on capacity expansion and will add more shifts to the existing facility soon to make up for lost production.

At the end of May, the factory could produce 2,600 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles per day, which is in line with pre-quarantine levels. The increased number of ships carrying vehicles to Europe also indicates that Giga Shanghai has returned operations to normal.

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