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Tesla Giga Shanghai Gears Up for Bulk Deliveries: Thousands of Cars Again Spotted at Export Port

Tesla Giga Shanghai Gears Up for Bulk Deliveries: Thousands of Cars Again Spotted at Export Port

Photos: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla Giga Shanghai is preparing for new bulk deliveries to overseas markets in February. Around 8,000 vehicles have been spotted at the manufacturer's export port and even more Model 3s and Ys continue to arrive.

Without a doubt, Giga Shanghai is magnificent in its ability to produce Tesla cars quickly. Since this is a relatively new factory, the manufacturer has applied new technologies there, located the workshops in a convenient way, and continues to optimize production and expand its production capacity. In just two years of operation, the factory became the manufacturer's export hub and completed more than 50% of all Tesla deliveries in 2021. Cars made in China are supplied to various markets around the world, including Australia and European countries. Every month, Giga Shanghai surprises with growing production figures, which demonstrates the unrelenting pace of work to expand and optimize efficiency.

Wu Wa/YouTube, who constantly monitors the development of Giga Shanghai, has once again spotted a huge batch of Tesla vehicles getting ready to ship. He visited Luchao Port, which, in his opinion, became the main export port of the manufacturer. It is only four miles from the factory, making logistics faster and cheaper by getting Tesla vehicles to the terminal more efficiently.

Wu Wa visited Luchao Port late last week and filmed an impressive number of company vehicles in the parking lot. Although it was difficult to count their exact number, at the time of the shooting there were about 8,000 of them, if not more. The video also shows that trucks loaded with cars continue to arrive, bringing even more cars to the port.

At the same time, Wu Wa notes that while new cars are constantly being brought in, those that are already in the parking lot are constantly being taken away, probably for direct loading onto ships. Tesla China exported 40,499 units in January, but that figure should be lower in February due to several factors. Firstly, during the New Year celebrations from January 31 to February 6, Giga Shanghai did not operate. Secondly, from the middle of the second month of each quarter, the manufacturer begins to focus on the production of cars for the domestic market. However, it should be kept in mind that a possible increase in production capacity may offset these two factors and exports in February may be even stronger than in January.


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