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Tesla Giga Shanghai Plans to Sell ~ 90K Vehicles in September: Rumor

Tesla Giga Shanghai Plans to Sell ~ 90K Vehicles in September: Rumor

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Tesla Giga Shanghai aims to sell about 90,000 vehicles in September, below its installed production capacity. According to unconfirmed rumors, the company intends to limit production to 93%, although the reasons for this were not disclosed.

Tesla's production figures have always been of great interest, as they are the main indicator of the company's success. While Q1 2022 was strong, Q2 was full of headwinds. First, production at Giga Shanghai, Tesla's export hub, was stopped for three weeks in April, then a recovery period followed, and production was gaining momentum for a month and a half. In Q3 2022, Giga Shanghai underwent a major upgrade that lasted approximately five weeks. The Model 3 and Model Y production lines were shut down in turn. This reduced the overall production volume, but the result of the factory modernization became more visible in August and September.

In early September, @TroyTeslike reported that Tesla China expects to manufacture and deliver more than 100,000 vehicles in September. Although this was not confirmed by the company, the facts indicated that it could be quite real, as the installed production capacity reached more than 90,000 vehicles per month.

Now new rumors have followed from China. Several local publications, citing unnamed sources, reported that Giga Shanghai plans to artificially hold production to 93% until the end of 2022. The reasons for this move were not disclosed. Readers should be careful with this information and keep in mind that this is just a rumor.

Given that the installed capacity of Giga Shanghai is expected to be 22,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles per week after modernization (according to unconfirmed information), it can be estimated that in 30 days, the factory could produce about 94,300 vehicles. However, given the information that production will be maintained at 93%, this means that Tesla could produce about 87,700 vehicles. If this holds true, then it will be great news for customers, the company and its investors.

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