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Tesla Giga Shanghai Started Working in 2 Shifts, June Production Expected to Fully Return to Normal

Tesla Giga Shanghai Started Working in 2 Shifts, June Production Expected to Fully Return to Normal

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Tesla Giga Shanghai has started operating in two shifts, according to Chinese media. Production is expected to fully recover in June and return to pre-lockdown levels.

Chinese media Yicai reported that it had received confirmation that Giga Shanghai has added another group of workers. This means that now, production takes place in two shifts, which also means a further improvement in Tesla's production capacity. The manufacturer resumed production in the factory on April 19, but due to factors such as staff shortages and logistics issues, it maintained single-shift production for about a month. According to new data, Tesla began working in two shifts starting May 23.

A Yicai source said that with the support of the government, the number of workers at the Tesla factory has increased significantly compared to the initial phase of the resumption of work and production. The two-shift system still uses a closed production cycle. Production is expected to fully return to pre-lockdown levels next month.

Another source said that the logistics have basically improved and can guarantee the production and supply of necessary Tesla components almost in full. However, factors such as epidemic prevention and control in different provinces continue to slightly delay full recovery. Before the epidemic, Tesla produced almost 20,000 vehicles a week.

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