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Tesla Giga Shanghai May Now Be Making Model Y with Improved Rear Seats & Manual Rear Door Release

Tesla Giga Shanghai May Now Be Making Model Y with Improved Rear Seats & Manual Rear Door Release

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Tesla Giga Shanghai may have started production of Model Y with improved rear seats. In addition, manual opening of the rear doors may have been added to the car, according to the report.

Starting in mid-October, Model Ys rolling off the Tesla Giga Shanghai production line will feature improved rear seats that have been optimized for comfort, Yiche said in a report, citing information from its own channels. In particular, the changes have affected the size of the rear seats and their length is now increased by 30 mm (about 1.18 inches). According to a document published in the report, the update provides better leg support for rear passengers and reduces fatigue during journeys.

In addition, the updated Model Y will also have a manual rear door release in case of emergencies. Such an addition will add peace of mind to Tesla car owners and their passengers and can help in a critical situation. According to the documents, no other changes are planned.

While there is currently no official confirmation that these changes are actually in place, they make sense. Tesla has always strived to provide maximum comfort in its cars, so it is constantly improving existing models. In addition, the manufacturer constantly listens to the comments of owners and makes changes in accordance with them.

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