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Tesla Giga Shanghai Successfully Restores Production as Model 3 Delivery Time in China Shortens

Tesla Giga Shanghai Successfully Restores Production as Model 3 Delivery Time in China Shortens

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Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to successfully restore production, as evidenced by the shortening of Model 3 delivery times for customers in China. After more than three weeks of production shutdown and challenging reopening conditions, the factory is showing excellent performance.

The expected delivery time for the Tesla Model 3 in China has been reduced by four weeks, indicating that the factory is streamlining operations and recovering from a 22-day shutdown. Now, the expected delivery date for the Chinese-made, RWD version of the Model 3 for the Chinese market is 16-20 weeks, four weeks short of the previous 20-24 weeks. The expected delivery date for Model 3 Performance All-Wheel Drive is 12-16 weeks, also 4 weeks short of the previous 16-20 weeks.

Meanwhile, the delivery time of Model Y has also been adjusted. The basic version and the Performance version can be delivered in 10-14 weeks and 12-16 weeks respectively. Model Y Long Range delivery time increased to 20-24 weeks from 16-20 weeks previously.

Obviously, Giga Shanghai is making adjustments to distribute deliveries according to demand. The factory is currently operating with a limited number of employees. In addition, the supply chain has also been affected by production shutdowns, preventing the full return to production of Tesla's factory.

Reduced delivery times for some vehicles indicate that the manufacturer continues to successfully meet the challenges, gradually bringing production to pre-quarantine levels. It is expected that within this week, production will recover by 100%.

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