Tesla Giga Texas Continues to Receive Equipment for 4680 Battery Cells as Production Nears

von Eva Fox Februar 02, 2022

Tesla Giga Texas Continues to Receive Equipment for 4680 Battery Cells as Production Nears

Photo: @peterdog15/Twitter

Tesla Giga Texas continues to receive equipment to produce 4680 battery cells as the company plans to soon begin mass production of Model Y equipped with those new cells.

Tesla's 4680 cells are one of the company's most important products, as they reduce the cost of electric vehicles, increase their performance, and will also contribute to an even faster increase in the manufacturer's production capacity. After the Cato Road, Fremont, California facility, Tesla's first place to produce new battery cells will be Giga Texas. To this end, the company is actively installing production equipment. Recently, Giga Texas construction progress observer @peterdog15/Twitter shared a video that captured new equipment deliveries to the factory's battery shop.

During the recent Q4 Earnings Call, CEO Elon Musk said that at the factory in Austin, the manufacturer is building cars with a structural battery pack and 4680 cells. Previously, it was assumed that the assembly of Model Y at Giga Texas would initially be using 2170 battery cells, while the first cars with new cells were slated to roll off the Giga Berlin assembly line; however, at some point, clearly the company changed its plan. "So, in Texas, we're building the Model Ys with the structural battery pack and the 4680 cells, and we'll start delivering after final certification of the vehicle, which should be fairly soon," Musk said.

At the end of last year, observers of the Giga Texas construction progress on several occasions spotted Model Y bodies without a bottom. This indicated that they were designed to install a structural battery pack using 4680 battery cells.

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