Tesla Giga Texas Likely to Begin Mass Production Next Week

von Eva Fox Januar 01, 2022

Tesla Giga Texas Likely to Begin Mass Production Next Week

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

Giga Texas is scheduled to start work next week. This should mark the beginning steps towards mass production for Tesla's second US car factory, and a continuation of the expansion of its electric vehicles.

The opening of two new Tesla factories is a highly anticipated event, as it should help the manufacturer to significantly increase the production of electric vehicles, the popularity of which is constantly growing. While Giga Berlin—first announced back in November 2019–continues to face delays, Giga Texas, announced in July 2020, looks set to start operating soon.

Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, who constantly monitors the progress of the construction of Giga Texas, said that he heard interesting information on the construction site. He learned that the factory will begin mass production as early as next week. In addition, Joe said he has been informed that there are already finished vehicles in the factory building, while several are already at test sites out of Texas, where crash tests and other tests are underway.

If this is true, and Giga Texas does start production next week, this would be a very important step. Tesla vehicles are in incredibly high demand, resulting in ever-increasing wait times for vehicles ordered by customers. The start of the new factories should reduce these customer wait times and help saturate the market with new electric vehicles, accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. It should be kept in mind that, during the first months, Giga Texas will not be able to produce a high run rate of cars and will only be able to reach the established production capacity about one year after the start of work.

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